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Disney Enterprises has released Ptex as Open Source

Disney Enterprises has released Ptex, a library, API, and file format used by Disney for rendering models for movies like Bolt as open source.

Ptex (Per-Face Texture Mapping) is a texture mapping system which is used to give texture and color to 3D models. The code has been put up on GitHub under a BSD license. More information about Ptex is available on Disney's Website and the new Ptex site.

Currently, Ptex is used by Disney's RenderMan software, but the release under the BSD license could mean that Ptex will find its way into 3D rendering software like Blender and 3DCoat.

Oracle to describe its plans to preserve and continue the legacy of Sun Microsystems

At the same time, he said there would be no announcement of a major layoff or massive scaling back of personnel at Sun. Shimp said there were areas of duplication between the staffs of Oracle and Sun that will necessitate some layoffs but "past reports of large employee layoffs are incorrect. There will be additional new hiring in certain areas."

More Internet Explorer flaws found

It’s been a rough few weeks for the Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. First, Google revealed that Chinese hackers have used an undocumented security flaw in IE to access personal data of some of their employees. Microsoft did not immediately issue a fix, which prompted both the German and the French government to warn against using Microsoft’s browser.

Now, when they’ve finally fixed that hole, a set of new serious security flaws has emerged.

Lotussphere 2010 conclusion

After attending the Lotus Sphere 2010 conference in Orlando last week, I came away with a number of thoughts. The major collaboration and email providers all now have a cloud solution. IBM announced Lotus Live for the email and instant messaging platform with project Vulcan as the enterprise cloud collaboration and social analytics platform.

Microsoft and Google have there platforms also with Microsoft hosted 2010 Exchange and Office communications servers. Google has Gmail, Google voice, and Google wave with Google talk as the platform.

New Qualcomm Snapdragon launched at CES

3D is coming according to Katzenberg

LotusSphere 2007 Podcast

LotusSphere 2007 Podcast from search domino web site.

BeerCloud for iPhone has Arrived!

I found this neat little application for you beer lovers, check this out, it is very cool.

iPhone as a personal communication device

After vacationing down in Florida over the Thanksgiving Holiday I realized the true value of the iPhone as a personal communication device. I say personal communication device, because it is not just a phone and I often use it for tasks that I would normally have used a laptop or desktop computer to perform. The device seems to excel at providing an interface to web content and also real-time content such as twitter or instant messaging products like AOL or Yahoo or Google Talk.

LotusSphere 2010 in Orlando at Disneyworld

Lotusphere 2010 is the premier event for the enterprise collaboration community, it's all about helping you achieve better business results through collaborative software and solutions.

Lotus knows that everything is right here for you to find out what's on tap for the 17th annual Lotusphere conference, 17 - 21 January in Orlando, Florida, USA. Network and learn with some of the leading minds in technology and business today. Register now -- the event is just weeks away!

Here is a list of the breakout sessions:


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