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Logitech launches the Revue appliance

   Logitech's big Google TV reveal is still ongoing, but the product page is live and allowing for preorders of the $299 package ($179 if you're on Dish Network) set to ship by the end of this month.

Cisco has introduced Umi as an HD telepresence solution for the consumer

 Cisco has introduced Umi as an HD telepresence solution for the consumer market. Umi telepresence connects to an existing HD television and a broadband Internet connection. Cisco's experience with enterprise-grade Cisco TelePresence is evident in this product, with the capability to support full motion 1080p HD quality video, reverting to 720p HD quality or even 480p SD if bandwidth isn't available or if packet loss creates an unsuitable picture.

Google Adds key feature to help sort email messages

Here is an interesting post from googles site on the new email fearture which will help manage the flow of information in the inbox of a Gmail account. I am posting the entire content as it is to allow the information to be read as it was published.


    As part of a new series, Gaining Altitude, we’ve invited well-known productivity experts and thought leaders to provide their perspectives on managing information overload and tips for success in a world where real-time communication and overflowing inboxes have become the norm.

TV the Next Killer App for the Mobile device

Apple surpases HTC in sales

Everyone knows that Android has been experiencing some huge growth as of late, and research firm Gartner has the hard numbers to prove it.  Gartner released a report today covering worldwide phone sales broken up by manufacturer and by OS.  When it comes to manufacturer, the most notable piece of info is that Apple, in seventh place, has surpassed HTC and is on the heels of Motorola, as well.  Gartner points out that Apple would have been even higher on the list if it hadn't experienced strained inventories with the release of the iPhone 4 in Q2.  They went on to say that they expect the iP

Amazon’s $99 BlackBerry Torch Puts Pressure on Retailers


Amazon.com has used aggressive price discounts to carve out a dominant position in print and electronic books. Now, it is using similar tactics to gain share in the cellphone market.


The retailer is selling the new Blackberry Torch smartphone for $99.99 with a two-year contract — half the price being asked at other retailers and by AT&T, the Torch’s exclusive carrier. Contrary to other reports, Amazon hasn’t dropped its price — Amazon has discounted the Torch to $99.99 since the phone launched Aug. 12.

Apple Safari version 5 is a very fast and stable product

  I have used the Safari Browser on my computers for some time now and have also used it on my first generation iPhone and my current Apple iPhone GS with great satisfaction.  The product just keeps getting better and faster. I use quite a bit of PHP and Java Script code in all the web sites I design and I am amazed at how well the product renders the AJAX code without any slowdowns ( Web 2.0 type code) Asynchronies Java Script and XML. 


Apple selling more iPads then Macs

Here’s a stunner of a data point: Apple is selling more than 200,000 iPads per week. Which means, according to RBC Capital Markets analyst Mike Abramsky, that sales of the company’s new device have outpaced those of the Mac in the United States and are closing in on those of the iPhone 3GS.

Sharepoint and Web collaboration

NEW YORK -- If Office was the Will Ferrell of the Microsoft launch event at the "Saturday Night Live" studio last week, then SharePoint was its Tina Fey.

Microsoft debuted 2010 versions of both for business customers on Wednesday in New York.

Like Ferrell, Office 2010 and all its cowbells and whistles overshadowed just about everything else. The hype started a year ago, when Microsoft released a mock trailer called "Office 2010: The Movie."

SharePoint, like Fey, may not be an attention hog, but it deserves a show of its own.


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