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Drupal as a Content Management System

Ten years ago, the average organization had one website. Since then, the world has become a more complex place with a diverse set of needs. If you're like most organizations the number of sites you have continues to grow at a rapid clip. You've dipped your toe into the social media waters by setting up one or more blogs, you use microsites for the foundation of your marketing efforts to promote products and events, and community sites to engage with the people who use your products. And of course, you have your corporate website, as well as your intranet and a number of internal collaboration websites for different projects. This is today's reality.

IPad cracks the business market

Posted by Jim Cramer Friday, April 09, 2010 8:29:16 AM
Jim Cramer

By Jim Cramer, TheStreet  I don't care if Apple (AAPL) sells out the iPad at its own stores. I don't care if Best Buy (BBY) sells out the iPad, as we learned today.  I care if Glen Tullman buys the iPad, because if he does, then I know Apple will have created its biggest product ever.

 Who is Glen Tullman? He is the chief executive of Allscripts-Misys Healthcare Solutions (MDRX), the leading maker of software to control costs for doctors and hospitals in the United States.  Tullman told me last night that his company just received its iPads yesterday and is building an app that will allow doctors to walk around with the iPad, clipboard-style, so that they can input prescriptions and data right into the records and right to the pharmacy. It's the first technological product that he says can replace current systems and save money for the company and that the company will most likely be switching to the device en masse.

 This change is so important because, as everyone knows, Apple has really never cracked the corporate market -- hence, the "did they sell 500,000 or did they sell 300,000 or did they sell 453,000?" article I read about round numbers being wrong this weekend."

 Who cares if they sold 300,000 when outfits like Allscripts-Misys might spur the buying of hundreds of thousands themselves? This is the real deal, the breaking out of the consumer ghetto by Apple and the liberation at the hands of the Dell (DELL) and Hewlett-Packard (HPQ) taskmasters.


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I don't know why market prognosticators don't talk more about how Apple must crack the corporate market now to stay with a high multiple because otherwise it keeps selling into its core audience, and at some point, that runs out.

 This is the device that will work for lawyers scribbling in court, for investment bankers noodling in their hotels and for doctors on their rounds. That's more important than the endless tallying by the endless retail stores.

 So, when you are thinking of selling Apple for more than a trade, when you are thinking of abandoning it before my $300 target is reached, think of Tullman, think of Allscripts-Misys, think of corporate, and think how much bigger it will be. After all, a generation of kids brought up on Apple is now getting in charge of major portions of companies and they simply do not understand why they ever have to deal with Dell.


Do you?


At the time of publication, Cramer was long Apple

Tablet popularity causing a drop in P.C. sales

 We all know that the tablet market is becoming pretty huge and, with all of the new tablet devices coming in the next few months, it's only going to get bigger.  With all of this growth, someone has to lose a little market share, and one research firm thinks that the PC sector will be the one to suffer.  Gartner announced today that it's lowering its 2010 and 2011 estimates for worldwide PC shipments by around three percent each thanks to the increasing popularity of "media tablets" like the iPad and

The Flirting Behind Google's $2.5 Billion Acquisition

 Google is reportedly buying online discounter Groupon for $2.5 billion. It's about time; the two companies have been flirting on Twitter for months. Get a room, already!

Apple iOS 4.2 is now available for iPhone and iPad users

  The wait for iOS 4.2 has been a little longer than expected thanks to a certain WiFi bug, but today Apple is finally releasing iOS 4.2.  No one is quite sure that exactly when the update will arrive, but Apple generally rolls out its upgrades around mid-day, so you can start hitting "Check For Update" here in a few hours.  Devices compatible with iOS 4.2 include the second, third, and fourth generation iPod Touches,

Sprint expands WiMAX to six more markets, San Francisco going live on Dec. 28th

  Verizon's LTE is coming some time next month, and Sprint is preparing for the occasion by beefing up their own 4G offerings.  Folks in Los Angeles now officially have access to WiMAX coverage (ahead of schedule), as well as Sprint customers in Cincinnati, Cleveland, and Columbus, Ohio; Miami, Fla.; and Washington D.C.  Sprint said that customers in San Fr

Ray Ozzie to step down as Microsoft Chief Softare Architect

From: Steveb
Sent: Monday, October 18, 2010
To: Microsoft – All Employees
Subject: Ray Ozzie Transition

Apple Annouces 4th Quarter earnings which are record setting for the company

CUPERTINO, California—October 18, 2010—

 Apple® today announced financial results for its fiscal 2010 fourth quarter ended September 25, 2010. The Company posted record revenue of $20.34 billion and net quarterly profit of $4.31 billion, or $4.64 per diluted share. These results compare to revenue of $12.21 billion and net quarterly profit of $2.53 billion, or $2.77 per diluted share, in the year-ago quarter. Gross margin was 36.9 percent compared to 41.8 percent in the year-ago quarter. International sales accounted for 57 percent of the quarter’s revenue. 

Windows 7 Mobile Phones hit the streets

  Microsoft has released the Windows Mobile 7 phone OS to the public through vendors like HTC, Dell and Samsung. The phones are available on the Verizon, ATT, and TMobile Networks at launch and there are many models to choose from. 

  The HTC Pro 7 looks like an impressive phone to be used on the Sprint Network later and most likely by 2011. There are other phones from HTC, Dell and Smsung on the ATT and Verizon Networks that are available now.


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