New Email Client from Start-up firm Postbox

Postbox a new start-up, has released an email client that changes the way the typical user manages his or her email. The company has focused on improving search for message content and embedded MIME data in a way that provides a faster method for retrieval and searching of email.

It's major feature is the ability to find and reuse content in you email store. The search feature allows the user to search across all configured email accounts providing different levels of queries to dig deep into the email message store. You can use terms like after "last Monday" or before "next Friday" to search or even use the traditional search operators like, "from:mary" or "subject:news".

Postbox has content tabs that allow you to easily look at images, contacts, and links with out have to dig through your email.

The addressing widget allows for search by first name, last name, email domain, or email address and can even pull in profile pics from Facebook and other social networking sites.

Postbox has conversation views which allow you to easily follow the email threads and also has tabs to mange multiple windows and a content inspector to provide a view of your data.

You can organize messages by content and create topics to sort on or also add smart tag messages to classify your data. This is a wonderful application for Small businesses using a pop mail service for company email or the power home user looking to have access to years of email located locally on a home computer. There is an archive feature that allows you to folder a message instantly and place it in a special archive folder for later user.

The product features plug-in use for additional items like lightning calendaring and other Mozilla compatible plug-ins to provide a polished business look and feel without sacrifice of a needed feature. You can download a trial version here: