Social Networking in the Business World

Many companies have embraced the social networking phenomena created by the likes of Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Bright Kite as a way to communicate with their customer base and provide information to prospective customers. Where the rubber meets the road is the big issue with integration into back end systems and front facing websites while providing security, and separation of critical data.

It is important to realize that publishing information without proper review cycles can cause side effects that are not desired in the business world. Creation of content that is structured in an unstructured application is actually difficult to do and often requires additional plugins and applications to provide features that are taken for granted in the current defacto email systems which carry most of today's business communications and marketing.

Enter video and the resurgence of the podcast

The capabilities that are provided with microblogging and providing quick information from all areas of social and business operations has created a void for rich content in the messaging that has replaced the email and traditional brick and mortar marketing. Micro Bloggers have realized that to keep a captive audience, a skillful combination of rich media with micro posts of short bursts of information is needed. In addition to quick, micro posts must be concise and accurate to feed the never ending frenzy of information transmissions required by the groups of individuals eagerly waiting to consume that next burst of information.

Links to video, audio streams and also rich web content has allowed the micro bloggers to captivate audiences with information to support the "Headlines" that are burst onto the Internet. At surface level, it appears that the technologies are the forefront of the web 2.0 revolution but after an in depth look, they are tools used to direct individuals efficiently to the content they desire.

Effective use of these technologies can drive traffic to a company site or highlight a event or promotional release of a product. It appears that the need to bundle services which take advantage of these capabilities will provide businesses with a inexpensive way to market products, services and events using the web as a backbone for rich content delivery.

Providing a method for "Mashing up critical business tasks"

I have recently noticed that a number of people are requesting new ways to deliver content to customers and perspective clients without adding additional costs and layers of production. The expertise required to evaluate a solution that will scale for business and provide transparency for operations is not commonplace with technologies that are evolving. Working with "AHAH" and AJAX with REST and JSON is just the start of providing services that will deliver products for the new web 2.0 enabled business. I hope to continue to provide more integration with these technologies in the future.