Google releases two important applications "Wave" and Google Voice

Google has released to a limited beta in the normal fashion two important applications or groups of applications, Google Wave and Google Voice. The Google voice application is a very nicely designed no frills Telephony application that allows a user to setup a centralized phone number and voice mailbox to route calls to.

The main phone number allows a user to route calls to a number of mobile phone numbers and land lines without any special configuration all from a web interface or cell Phone. (More on that later) Once the initial configuration is set up, the user can go back and add more phone numbers to route calls to or change which calls route to a particular phone number.

The ease at which all this happens is amazing and even the none technical person can route calls like a seasoned PBX operator! In addition to the excellant web interface, there is a robust API that allows a user to add a widget to a website that enables visitors of the web site to call a specific number or a group of numbers without exposing that actual phone numbers! This is great for servicing clients and also pointing people to a number for a specific event and then removing the number when the event is completed.

The Google voice application also allows a user to play back the voice anotations from the web or from an email sent to the users specfied email account. The application also transcribes the voice memos into text messages and then can send an SMS in the case of a missed call with the actual message in text! Great for in the movies with the phone on silent ring and vibrate, Hint Hint... you know who you are.

All in all, the applicaiton is crisp and works well. I found it incredibly useful from the start and it even works with the iphone's rich browser with no problem. There is no native application at this point but not sure you need one, just add a link to the "Home Screen" and away you go.

The second application is the Google wave. This application takes a new approach at email and collaboration and adds a collection of applications together with a threaded discussion view applied to an email converstation thread. This actually allows many people to work in a many to one view on a single document or collection of documents in a many to many view. Users can edit and see the edits others are making in real time on a document and embed the document into a Blog or add a Twitter tweet to the view which then exposes all the rich content being developed by the group.

The Google Wave was designed in Australia and it's primary purpose is to change the way we think about email and collaboration. The ability to embed rich media and collaborate in realtime is amazing and a fresh look at how people communicate and in what way they are communicating now. The old way of send a message, read it respond, edit it send it back in a linear fashion is tired and I for one am looking forward to working in real time with others.