Microsoft unveils Windows 9 at event tomorrow

Microsoft MSFT -0.14% has a big opportunity tomorrow when they unveil the next version of Windows known by the code name “Threshold” and what could ultimately be dubbed Windows 9. Though its official name has yet to be confirmed, Microsoft is holding an event tomorrow in San Francisco and the unveil invitations sent out hint at “what’s next for Windows.” Lately there have been a flurry of reports and leaks of what is widely known as Windows 9, though there is still some buzz that Microsoft may brand the OS by a different name upon launch. Regardless, here are a few key highlights on what I think we’ll see the Redmond team unveil with this new OS, which is expected to cure the many ills users have been complaining of with Windows 8.

Addressing Desktops, Non-Touch Laptops and The Enterprise

Obviously, this is the most widely reported and demanded change for Windows 9 – the start menu will make a triumphant return. Though Microsoft had best intentions to embrace the touch revolution, ultimately desktop and non-touch laptop users were left with a disjointed mess between Microsoft’s “Modern UI” and desktop mode. In a recent Windows 9 Technical Preview leak, the new start menu made its appearance and a dare I say it’s a really nice combination of both a traditional programs start menu and an expandable, customizable tile menu for a quick hit on your most frequently uses apps. There is also word that Windows 9 will support virtual desktops, allowing you to run multiple desktops at once, simultaneously, which could be a major advantage for workstation professionals, IT managers and the enterprise.