Microsoft Cloud partners show growth

HOUSTON – Microsoft maintains that partners selling hybrid cloud-based solutions benefit from higher gross profit, more new customers, higher revenue per employee and faster overall business growth, according to a new study. The study commissioned by Microsoft and conducted by research firm IDC featured 1,300 partners and indicates that adding cloud services to their mix of offerings works wonders for partner growth in certain areas. Microsoft released the result of the study at its Worldwide Partner Conference 2013 here on July 8. The study underscored the transformation taking place in the business world as more and more organizations of all sizes move their technology infrastructures to the cloud. In fact, according to the findings, cloud-oriented partners, defined as those that generate more than 50 percent of their revenue from the cloud, grow at double the rate, accrue new customers two times faster and generate double the revenue per employee compared to non-cloud-oriented partners. The study also revealed customer buying preferences that highlight the importance of the role of partners in the overall industry cloud transition, including that: 63 percent of customers expect to have a single cloud service provider to meet their needs, 67 percent expect to purchase a wide variety of cloud services from a single vendor, and 74 percent expect their cloud service provider to be able to move a cloud offering back on-premises if needed.