Apple Iphone's 5 years old now and still going strong

 I reflect back on when I picked up my first iPhone, the original on June 29, 2007. It was  something I wanted to do, I had  growth tired of my  Moto Razer with poor internet access and email capabilities. The line at the Apple store here in Ohio was not long. Many people had not even heard of the phone and I was able to simply walk right in and pick one up. I was dropping  Sprint as my carrier and was happy to go over to the ATT edge network with my new iPhone and PDA. I had at one time used the Palm Pilot Pro and Palm Pilot Tungsten and liked the ability to carry a personal computing device in my pocket.

 The new adventure with an Internet ready device that actually had a browser that worked like the one on my computer or laptop was intriguing to say the least. I could check my web sites I hosted when away from the office and also reply to requests from customers immediately and provide a higher level of service. I had used a Blackberry and was carrying one for work purposes but the thought of one device to do everything was great.

I could even put my music on my phone to play back in my car! What I did not realize at the time of purchase was that I was making a change to a truly revolutionary device which has changed the way my business associates, friends and family work and play.

Steve Jobs has left us something that no one on the planet can deny has changed the way we live, work and play, for the better. He changed the way we use our phones, how we communicate and created a level of efficiency that was unheard of before. The first time I answered my phone and then fielded a question that I immediately looked up on the Internet on the phone, while still on the call, I knew my live had changed.

The ability to install applications from what we now call the cloud and have them work immediately on the device was great. I Also liked the fact I could watch video clips, and post to twitter and Facebook, with the same fidelity as the clients on my workstation. People still using the Blackberry at the time kept saying but I can get my mail messages pushed to me instantly even though they had trouble reading the attachments or document links to web sites. I quietly used my first iPhone enjoying my new found efficiency. The large screen and touch screen also created a new way to enter data quickly into a device and run menu commands. It just worked! No hesitation at all on the UI.

Here I am 3 Iphones later and an iPad and the beat goes on. I use my laptop less, I am still as effective as before and enjoy not having a ton of devices or chargers to carry around. The phone works great in my car and interfaces great with a host of other devices in the ecosystem. Bravo Apple keep up the good work.