NAB 2012

I am looking forward to attending the NAB 2012 conference again this year. The last two years showed a huge shift from the traditional network based media conference, adding Social Networking content and Streaming media content providers and consumers to the list of available services. The traditional big network live trucks and Grass Valley switchers are still there and even more relevant but now rub shoulders with the likes of the Newtek Tricaster and Kaltura media services. It's this unique web that has provided more opportunities for businesses large and small. 2012 should be a boom as there are signs of a growing economy, one that adds additional potential possibilities’ for the new fusion of media services and content. The revolution happened quietly in the huge recession where few enterprises were ready to dare capitalize of risky new technologies or workflows. My colleagues at Techtrontv Communications and Frame By Frame video production looked at this time as an opportunity to retool, relearn and add new products and services to the portfolio. It worked, we added a streaming media product line that has been extremely popular for our clients, enabling them to reuse footage from existing commercials and SD or HD video assets and stream it on demand to their clients. The second product is the Live streaming component that we have been successful with embedding either, html5 or flash video content into a turnkey website to be consumed by handheld devices, desktop computers and large TV monitors for business presentations and meetings. The savings our clients have been able to generate by eliminating travel cost for some staff, or eliminate broadcast fees for traditional showings that are not nearly as flexible as on demand viewing from a range of devices. The actual streaming network costs have been reasonable also with the user of h.264 codecs and Mpeg 4 codecs that are generally more efficient. Using Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin to interact with other business and industry professional has also been a tremendous help. The NAB 2011 iPhone app was a hit last year, this year it has been improved and virtually rendered my laptop obsolete. I am looking forward to the networking opportunities once again.