Steve Jobs inspired me to work in Information Technology



  I remember the 1984 Super bowl commercial, The one that was movie quality that reflected on Orwell's "1984 the movie "in a symbolic way. It was presented brilliantly and gave no clue until the end of the commercial, that the product being advertised was the Macintosh Computer. Only us then geeks knew of the potential of the Motorola 68000 CPU based computer that was rumored to be released during the Super Bowl. We waited in anticipation, hoping that Steve Jobs could show the world what we could do with a monitor and a keyboard. He did not let us down and started a revolution that consumed all of us in some way. I had been a Commodore computer fan and had a Commodore 64 I did my early programming on at the time. This was the age of the 300 baud modem, the BBS and Digital VAX mini computer.

Steve saw it was time to let the rest of the world in on our fun, our sacred domain, the well, the BBS I frequented at the time was our little piece of digital domain we called our own. I remember the discussions on which computer was the best, The TRS -80, The IBM PC, The APPLE II, APPLE III, The Commodore 64, and now the MAC!



The MAC was different, it had a mouse and was sure to change the way that people used a computer. You did not have to remember all the commands we came to love and honor with the new computer. This was a huge game changer for The computing industry. SUN, Xerox, Tektronics and APPLE had released products that used a mouse prior to this but it was this commercial , This Ad that changed the way we used computers and who used them!

All of a sudden, you could do desktop publishing on a home computer instead of a super expensive mini computer. You could draw a picture with pixels on a still monochrome screen, one that had detail!

You could click a folder and it magically opened showing an animation that opened the contents right before your eyes. I remember the wow factor of seeing and feeling this, all of a sudden the computer was more personalized. I had to have one of these. In the meantime I eventually purchase the wonderful device for my Commodore 64, the mouse and GEOS operating system by Berkeley Softworks. It wasn't as sexy as a MAC but it got me there.

I quickly realized the industry was going to change as more people adopted this device. It gave rise to a new group of computer users. Now the PC was cool! Steve Jobs put his spin on the tool that was just a device used for spreadsheets and business applications in the past. He transformed the entire industry it seems like overnight, We must give him the credit for this and only him. I remember friends saying." Why do you need a mouse" , "I know the commands:. Steve had the foresight to see that this device and visual OS was needed to transform the industry into what it is today.

27 years later..................

Numerous MACs, a few Amigas and a number of PC's, three iPhones and a wonderful career going strong.

I say," Thank-you Steve, you were right all along, and your friends and family should know it!"