Friday Apple Rumors: Apple’s Next Big Thing Coming Sept. 7

Here are your daily Apple news items and rumors for Friday:


Mark Your Calendars: Japanese website Kodawarisan (via Mac Rumors) has set the date for Apple‘s (NASDAQ:AAPL) next big media event. Apple will have its annual fall hullabaloo Sept. 7. The site has accurately leaked information on Apple before, nailing the launch date of the new Mac Mini model released in 2009. Unfortunately, the report didn’t specify exactly what Apple would be discussing at the event. The big contender is the fifth-generation iPhone expected to release sometime in the beginning of October. The iCloud service likely will be a topic of discussion, as well. There is a slight chance Apple will introduce a new model of its aging iPod media player, but that will only happen to highlight the iCloud service’s media storage capabilities.


Samsung to Politely Ask Apple to Knock It Off: The ongoing battle between Apple and Samsung (PINK:SSNLF) that has seen the Galaxy Tab tablet PC blocked from releasing in Australia and most of Europe will hopefully come to a head Aug. 25. A Friday report at TUAW said that Samsung will hold a press conference on that date to announce its plans for resolving the conflict with Apple. Will a company spokesperson walk up on stage, tie their handkerchief to a small stick and begin waving it back and forth? Or will Samsung announce that it has purchased patents from other companies and countersue Apple for infringement, blocking the iPad from sale in those countries as well?


Big Memory: Market analysis group inSpectrum thinks the price of flash memory drives is going to spike up in September and Chinese technology manufacturers are stocking up to prepare for demand. What will be driving flash memory prices up this fall? The iPhone 5, of course. InSpectrum believes demand for Apple’s new machine will drive NAND flash memory up to $3.49 for a 32GB drive and $6.43 for a 64GB drive. This is according to a Friday report in DigiTimes (via Apple Insider) that also states the iPhone 5 is expected in September rather than October.