Apple Announces iPad2 available on March 11, 2011

  Apple announces it's iPad 2 today at a special tech preview in San Francisco Calif. The new iPad sports an A5 CPU that has dual cores and also a updated graphics processor. The iPad 2 also has twin cameras which allow Facetime communications and HD video capture to the device.

 iPad 2

A LED backlit display gives smooth crsip images for reading an ebook or playing a video game. A new cover for the iPad allows you to protect your screen and provide a fashionable alternative with a smart cover. Multi-touch allows for quick gestures and good control of an already fantastic device.


Gyro, accelerometer, and compass will allow the same types of integration that the iphones have enjoyed with custom applications that detect movement and location. Airplay allows access to Apples seond generation Apple TV for viewing of pictures, movies and applications on your HD TV display. The device also has an HDMI out for connecting it to a High Definition source.


The price: Still starting at $ 499.00 for the bas model.