Lotus Notes client themes for "Next" version

In the Lotusphere 2011 keynote yesterday, IBM previewed concepts going into Lotus Notes "Next".  

  The main themes of Notes "next" are:

  • IBM Project Vulcan -- delivery of key Project Vulcan principles like the activity stream, in-place editing, the ShareBox, and more.  Watch for more sessions and content on these topics during Lotusphere.
  • Consumability -- significant additional focus on deployment/management of the Notes client.  Even easier use of iNotes and browser-based experiences.
  • XPages, XPages, XPages.  On the app dev side, laser focus in terms of new features and innovation on the XPages space.  Domino "Next" is planned to provide an OpenSocial container and will generate gadgets out of XPages.
  • REST services.  Domino "Next" is planned to provide data access through REST services, including calendaring and other higher-level services.
  • Continued TCO innovation and cost reduction on the Domino server side.

What IBM announced yesterday in terms of timeframe is beta in 2011, delivered via LotusLive Labs; then a traditional on-premises beta; with final release later in 2012.  What I can tell you also is that internally we have approved our basic plan for the release, and now the hard work begins.

Meanwhile, an 8.5.3 release is being discussed for mid-2011 release, with a few interesting new features -- especially in calendaring.  This will mark the fourth straight consecutive year of agile feature releases for Notes/Domino, even while working on the next major release simultaneously. In fact, I think maybe one or two of the features shown in the Lotusphere opening session might be things I saw on the 8.5.3 list?