Groovy and Grails ,a technology to look at

"Groovy is like a super version of Java. It can leverage Java's enterprise capabilities but also has cool productivity features like closures, builders and dynamic typing. If you are a developer, tester or script guru, you have to love Groovy."  


Experience the latest Groovy 1.7

Groovy 1.7, the latest major and stable version of the popular dynamic language for the JVM, has been released. To learn more about the novelties, make sure to read the release notes. In a nutshell, Groovy 1.7 provides support for Anonymous Inner Classes and Nested Classes, annotations, SQL, Groovy console and Grape enhancements, the nicer Power Assert assertion, an AST Viewer and an AST Builder, a fully rewritten GroovyScriptEngine, and much more!

Groovy, an award-winning creative and innovative project


 JAX is the most important Java conference in Germany. Every year, the organizers are running a contest to select the most innovative and creative projects. From over 40 proposals, the jury selected only ten nominees. Although great projects were selected, like the Matisse GUI builder in NetBeans, or the Nuxeo Enterprise Content Management solution, Groovy won the first prize! It is a great honor and a huge pleasure for us to receive such a prize, especially knowing the cool projects we were competing with, or the past winners like the Spring framework.

Dierk König, author of the best-selling "Groovy in Action" book, received the prize in the name of the Groovy community, after having presented several sessions on Groovy at this conference. This award proves and reaffirms how innovative, creative and influential the Groovy project is for the Java community.