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Lotusphere 2011 Opening Session

Lotusphere 2011 Opening Session


Apple Announces Huge $6 Billion First Quarter Profit, 7.3 Million iPads Sold

And the records keep on breaking. Apple just announced its first-quarter results, and the company posted record revenue of $26.74 billion, up over $10 billion from the year-ago quarter and up from $20.34 billion in the fourth quarter. Net quarterly profit was $6 billion, quite an increase from $4.31 billion in Q4.

Here’s a quick breakdown of devices sold.

  • 4.13 Macs sold, a 23 percent increase vs. year-ago quarter (3.89 million in Q4). Strong demand of new MacBook Air helped drive 8X growth of rest of PC market.
  • 16.24 million iPhones sold, 86 percent growth vs. last year (14.1 million in Q4). 88 of Fortune 100 companies testing or deploying iPhone.
  • 19.45 million iPods sold, 7 percent decline (9.05 million in Q4)
  • 7.33 million iPads sold (4.19 million in Q4). Sequential increase of over 3 million. Demand in corporate environment strong, with 80 percent of Fortune 100 testing or deploying device.
  • $1.1 in iTunes revenue
  • Apple has reached over 160 million cumulative iOS device sales.

Will these numbers be enough to satisfy Wall Street? Or will investors get even more jittery about Steve Jobs’ leave of absence? We’re thinking the former. More details below.Apple retail stores increased revenue by 69 percent over the year-ago quarter and increased visitors by 49 percent. Apple is sitting on $59.7 billion in cash. Going forward, Apple expects $22 billion in revenue for the next quarter. Apple says it is very confident in its product pipeline, including the Verizon iPhone.

Read more: http://blog.laptopmag.com/apple-announces-huge-6-billion-first-quarter-profit-7-3-million-ipads-sold#ixzz1BQee2Tty

Skype introducing Skype video on Android devices in addition to iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4

Skype Verizon logos

Today's been a pretty big day for Skype: first they acquired Qik, and now they've announced that they'll be bringing video calling to a number of Verizon's 4G Android devices.  The new version of Skype will see deep integration into Verizon's products and will be able to take advantage of both the rear and front cameras found on the devices.  Most importantly, the service will allow users to make video calls over Verizon's LTE network.  Devices capable of using Skype's video calling feature are expected to arrive by mid-2011.  The full press release can be read below.

Apple IOS SDK 4.3 beat now available

iOS 4.3 beta 1

Just this morning we heard rumors about iOS 4.3 and how it'll likely bring Personal Hotspot functionality to all iPhone users, and now the first beta of that very bit of software has arrived.  Apple just dropped iOS 4.3 beta 1 into the hands of eager developers, and one of the biggest inclusions is the fact that non-Apple apps will be allowed to send video to an Apple TV via AirPlay.  Interestingly, there doesn't seem to be any mention of the hotspot feature we mentioned earlier.

Blackberry Tablet due out this summer

BlackBerry PlayBook


 We've known that the BlackBerry PlayBook would be coming to market with 3G and 4G compatibility at some point in the future, but we've never know exactly which 4G network it'd be compatible with.  Today, RIM announced at least one carrier that will be letting the PlayBook on its 4G airwaves, as Sprint will be getting a WiMAX-ready tablet later this summer.  The press release says that Sprint's model will be the first PlayBook with 4G, but it's entirely possible that we could see one with 3G launch around the same time or maybe even before.  Check out the full release down below.

Food for thought

High Tech Worlds Collide for the Family during Christmas

  I began to notice the theme repeating itself as I shopped frantically for gifts this holiday season. High Tech, Low Tech, HD, 3D, Video streaming, Wireless Internet access for everything with a screen and Epub format books seemed to be on everyone's list. My seven year old was already in the motion controlled era of gaming and now she wanted to venture in the handheld market by asking for a Ebook reader and a Nintendo DS-I, then of course those little motion control dance games also were there on the lists.


Holiday Gift guide for those last minute purchases

Gizmodo's Gift Guides (Updated)

Gizmodo's Gift Guides (Updated)


Friends and family started calling you "Captain Gift Basket"? Might be time to boost your rep with some decent presents. Don't know what to get? Don't fret. We've got awesome gifts for the whole pantheon: from hippies to space nerds.

Best Gadgets for 2010

The Best Gadgets



The Best Gadgets


"What gadget should I get?" is a timeless question. To answer it, here's our current leaderboard of favorite gadgets, including smartphones, laptops and cameras—updated with the latest and greatest of the whole year.

We know you don't want to blow that paycheck on merely the shiniest, or the the simply newest. So we've considered a balance of price, features, reliability—and above all, quality—to make sure you're choosing a gadget that isn't just great, but one that's sensible. We've updated our roster of Giz-approved gadgets, and below, you'll find these picks—the best tech tools 2010 has to offer.

Drupal as a Content Management System

Ten years ago, the average organization had one website. Since then, the world has become a more complex place with a diverse set of needs. If you're like most organizations the number of sites you have continues to grow at a rapid clip. You've dipped your toe into the social media waters by setting up one or more blogs, you use microsites for the foundation of your marketing efforts to promote products and events, and community sites to engage with the people who use your products. And of course, you have your corporate website, as well as your intranet and a number of internal collaboration websites for different projects. This is today's reality.


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