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Apple Announces iPad2 available on March 11, 2011

  Apple announces it's iPad 2 today at a special tech preview in San Francisco Calif. The new iPad sports an A5 CPU that has dual cores and also a updated graphics processor. The iPad 2 also has twin cameras which allow Facetime communications and HD video capture to the device.

Intel to unveil Light Peak the week of Apple's event

On the same day Apple is expected to unwrap its new MacBook Pros, Intel said it will be briefing the press on "a new technology that is about to appear on the market."

Intel's new technology to be unveiled will be Light Peak, according to a report by CNET, which attributed the news to an industry source familiar with the details of Intel's event.

Intel's announcement will also be made in San Francisco, strengthening the connection between its news and Apple's expected release of new MacBook Pros and potentially other products, on the same day that happens to coincide with Steve Jobs' birthday, and which falls one day after Apple's shareholder meeting.

Apple has confirmed media event on March 2 in San Francisco

Apple on Wednesday sent out official invitations for a media event next week on March 2 in San Francisco, presumably to show off its second-generation iPad.

According to The Loop, Apple sent out invitations to the media on Wednesday. The event will be held as usual at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco.

IBM leaders answer critics at Lotusphere with Business Social inspired theme

Several years ago, I remember answering a question at the Lotusphere "Ask the Developers" session which basically went something like "you seem to be becoming more like IBM" as if it was a bad thing.  After I gave a few factual statements about how being part of IBM was helping the former Lotus subsidiary run our business more effectively and do more for customers, John Paganetti grabbed the microphone and asserted, "We wouldn't be here today if it weren't for IBM!"

Information on Lotusphere IBM conference shows positive results

The new competition among the giants of enterprise software: Who is building the most social software? This week, the round goes to IBM.

Big Blue is this week hosting a worldwide customer meeting in Orlando, at which it will show its latest social software for mobile business. The key announcements include collaboration software for smartphones and tablets, including iPads and iPhones, devices using Google’s Android, RIM’s Blackberry, and several Nokia devices. There will also be a preview of IBM’s office productivity suite offering for the cloud — in essence, data center-based Lotus, with collaboration tools accessible by remote devices. Tools and initiatives for external developers will also be announced.

Nothing has come close to this ad for a product launch and superbowl spot



Nothing has really came close to this ad since the launch of the MAC. I'd like to see Apple do it again.

Lotus Notes client themes for "Next" version

In the Lotusphere 2011 keynote yesterday, IBM previewed concepts going into Lotus Notes "Next".  

  The main themes of Notes "next" are:

lotusphere day two business partners presentation

Lotusphere day two business partners presentation

Groovy and Grails ,a technology to look at

"Groovy is like a super version of Java. It can leverage Java's enterprise capabilities but also has cool productivity features like closures, builders and dynamic typing. If you are a developer, tester or script guru, you have to love Groovy."  


HTML 5 online

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