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Is Email dead now or just another false alarm?

Just as certain as the change of seasons is the recurring prediction of the end of email. The Wallstreet Journal published an article yesterday, titled: “Why Email No Longer Rules… …And what that means for the way we communicate”.

Microsoft System Internals web site provides a huge resource for free tools

I was approached today by a colleague that asked if I knew of a utility to look at a .dll and get some information about it. I paused briefly and thought; Microsoft has purchased the System Internals web and completely rolled it into their Technet site. This is a good time to go back and review the completed process and see if the sire is still as useful as it was as a self sufficient web site.

Social Networking in the Business World

Many companies have embraced the social networking phenomena created by the likes of Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Bright Kite as a way to communicate with their customer base and provide information to prospective customers. Where the rubber meets the road is the big issue with integration into back end systems and front facing websites while providing security, and separation of critical data.

Lotus Notes and Domino 8.5.1 released today

IBM and its Lotus division released Lotus Notes and Domino 8.5.1 today. The new version adds a number of features with the top feature being the addition of Iphone support in the traveler product line. The Iphone has been supported in the past thru Inotes Web Access with a light interface. Iphone users can now access the domino server with full fidelity with ActiveSync technology for push notifications.

Google releases two important applications "Wave" and Google Voice

Google has released to a limited beta in the normal fashion two important applications or groups of applications, Google Wave and Google Voice. The Google voice application is a very nicely designed no frills Telephony application that allows a user to setup a centralized phone number and voice mailbox to route calls to.


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